Goal - Gauging District Progress

Weston's approach to assessment is to use multiple measures to gauge progress and inform decision-making at the classroom, school, and district levels.  There are several reasons why it is important to gauge student progress using multiple measures.
  • Informs our continuous improvement efforts to strengthen  programs and services to meet the needs of our students;

  • Enables us to identify areas of strength and areas of growth;

  • Informs our teacher professional development plan;

  • Provides district with valuable information to support our curriculum renewal process;

  • Communicates the district’s vision of what Weston graduates should know and be able to do; and,

  • Informs the budget process by establishing priorities for instructional improvement.

Action Steps:  
  • Work with administrators, CILs, and teachers to identify multiple measures to gauge progress for key outcomes, potentially in each subject area.  
  • Establish a data warehousing system for collecting and analyzing this data, allowing the Weston educators to easily access the information as they differentiate instruction.
  • Develop a plan to report out on progress to the community.  Click here to view last year's Gauging Progress report to the Board of Education.