Weston Outcome & Goals 2017-18


Our commitment to excellence and continued, purposeful innovation will make Weston Public Schools the standard in designing educational pathways and environments that cultivate empowered citizens of the global community.


The mission of the Weston Public Schools, as a caring and supportive community partnership, is to empower each student to achieve success and contribute to our global society by developing and cultivating character, knowledge and creativity through a dynamic learning experience that challenges each student to continually pursue personal excellence.


Global citizens have the necessary knowledge, skills, attitudes to achieve their personal goals and contribute to society. Our goal is to empower students to be innovative thinkers, creative problem-solvers, effective communicators, and inspired learners prepared to thrive in an ever-changing world. These skills are commonly referred to as the four C’s:  Critical and Creative Thinking, Communication, Collaboration.

The district has identified high-leverage goals and associated action steps to develop global citizens. The five goals are:

  • Academic Excellence,
  • Digital Learning,
  • Healthy learning environment,
  • Gauging district progress, and
  • Resources for learning.

We encourage you to view the links to each goal embedded in the graphic below for an overview of the district's work for the 2017-18 school year.

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