Empowered Culture

  • In terms of organizational development, refine roles and responsibilities for positions where job responsibilities have overlapped.
  • At weekly central office administrative meetings, provide opportunities for administrators to present a "problem of practice" to receive feedback and advice from the group.  In addition, use the talent of the central office team to discuss challenging issues and solve problems.
  • We have made considerable strides in creating professional learning communities by providing teachers with common meeting time within the school day to review student performance.  Teacher teams, departments, and committees collaborate to examine student work and review student performance data on a regular basis.  There is still room for refining our processes.  Providing teachers with additional training on how to effectivley use student learning data to monitor student progress is a logical next step. 
  • Encourage input from stakeholders in the school community on issues ranging from teaching and learning to operations. 
  • Continue to explore opportunities to provide students with more choice and voice. Learning becomes more engaging and motivating when students have greater ownership over their work.  Seek feedback from students in the curriculum renewal process through focus groups and surveys in order to best meet their needs.
  • Periodically host Superintendent Coffees open to parents and members of the community to discuss current topics of interest.
 Continuous Improvement:  Empowered Culture

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