Fiscal Responsibility

  • A culture of continuous improvement enables us to rethink the resources necessary to provide a 21st century education for Weston's students.  Continuously planning for the future requires us to re-examine our staffing model, recreate our learning spaces, and provide the technology necessary for success.
  • It is important to review all administrative, support staff, and instructional positions to determine if restructuring could allow for financial savings, while still supporting our mission and goals. 
  • We are moving into contract negotiations with all bargaining units, which presents an opportunity for long-term financial savings, or controlling financial growth.  Continue to examine all possible options for mitigating health insurance costs, including co-insurance for the HSA plan for teachers - similar to the administrators.  Examine pros and cons of emerging plans such as the cooperative Connecticut Partnership Plan 2.0.    
  • Examine current staffing models in the areas of business, facilities, technology, and security.  Continue to explore with the town opportunities for shared services, particularly in the areas of business functions, facilities, and technology.  Review approach for maintaining the grounds, looking at the pros and cons of insourcing versus outsourcing.
  • Explore opportunities to generate revenue that are consistent with the district's mission.  One successful example of this has been the creation of a series of summer camp offerings in the performing arts and technology, which has been accomplished in collaboration with Weston Youth Services.
  • Optimize our internal capacity through our technology integrators and curriculum instructional leaders to provide high-quality professional development, rather than paying outside consultants.
  • Identify all open source resources to support curriculum in subjects such as social studies and reduce the need for textbooks.  
  • Maximize the use of technology in the classroom through our hybrid BYOD and 1:1 initiatives.  Encourage teachers to share information and instructional materials with students electronically, rather than by hard copy.  This approach saves on the cost of equipment leasing, paper, and hundreds of hours of staff time - and as a big added bonus - it supports the district's green initiative.  
  • Continue to lead Weston Public Schools with the balance between excellence and respect for use of taxpayer resources.
 Continuous Improvement:  Fiscal Responsibility

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