Goal - Healthy Learning Environment


A healthy learning environment is essential for students to feel safe and nurtured in pursuit of academic and co-curricular interests.  Weston Public Schools strives to provide students with the necessary strategies and resources to manage stress, utilize skills of emotional intelligence, and enhance community relations. We are eager to share with families on our efforts to create a healthy learning environment.

Action Steps:   

Emotional Intelligence:

  • Core teams at both HES and the WHS will attend the training provided by the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence (EI) in the summer of 2017.  (Both WIS and WMS core teams attended this training  in the previous year).
  • At the beginning of the year, each school will provide professional development to their staff on EI and then develop an implementation plan.   WIS and the WMS will begin to roll out EI with their students, while HES and WHS will roll out EI with their staff.
  • Coordinate with PTOs and WEF in order to provide parents with information about EI, as well as working together to plan next steps for the implementation of EI in the schools and the community at large. Include MS/HS School Social Worker in the community roll out plan, as she was recently awarded a highly competitive fellowship with the Yale Center.
Drug and Alcohol Initiative:
  • WHS and WMS Principals will establish a task force to address current issues identified in the recent Drug and Alcohol Survey, which was completed by both students and parents.
  • The task force will arrange for a presentation to parents on the results of the Drug and Alcohol survey.
  • Superintendent will establish an advisory committee to oversee the task force and to address community issues regarding substance abuse and possible collaboration with other districts.
  • Advisory committee to provide regular progress of the initiative.

Other areas of consideration that currently have building-based plans:
  • Continue review and updating of building safety and security plans
  • Review homework expectations at each building level from a healthy learning standpoint.
Other potential priority areas:
  • Explore school start and end time changes for possible implementation in fall of 2019.