Goal - Resources for Learning


Effective school districts provide the necessary resources for learning--defined here as finances, facilities, operational systems and external contributions of time and funding.  Robust resources are essential for Weston to produce Global Citizens through work on the priority goals of Academic Excellence, Digital Learning, Healthy Learning Environments, and Gauging Progress.  

Organizationally, resources for learning are generated and managed through the auspices of the Superintendent,  Operations and Facilities Department, Human Resources Department and School Principals.  Close coordination with the Board of Education, Board of Finance and Board of Selectmen is required to adhere to state and district policies and ensure long-term stewardship of resources.  In Weston, the PTO and Weston Education Foundation are leading partners for external contributions of time and talent.

Action Steps:   

Budget & Finances

  • Manage the 2017-18 Operational and Capital Budget to provide resources as planned and to address unanticipated expenses.

  • Develop a 2018-19 Operational and Capital Budget that advances the priority outcome and goals for the WPS, while optimizing the financial resources provided by Weston taxpayers, state and federal sources and external contributions.

Facilities and Capital Improvements

  • Disseminate and launch long-term planning based on the Capital & Facility Master Plan from Silver Petrucelli and Associates Consulting Firm.

  • Implement the capital improvement and facility maintenance plan for 2018-2019.

  • Develop a capital improvement and facility maintenance plan  budget for 2018-19 based on the outcome of the Silver Petrucelli and Associates Facility Master Plan report.

Human Resources

  • Provide training districtwide on updated laws and policies regarding child abuse, sexual abuse, and other critical subjects.
  • Develop and initiate programs to cultivate culture of civility among personnel across the District.  Offer mediation opportunities for disputes not addressed through existing procedures.
  • Develop and initiate programs to promote ethical work practices and process for reviewing and guiding ethical employee decisions.
External Resources
  • Develop and implement multi-year partnership with Weston Education Foundation for priority topics, including Science Research Initiative, Writing Instruction with Teachers College, Emotional Intelligence with Yale University, and the Drug & Alcohol Initiative.

  • Coordinate contributions of time and talent from PTO district-wide and at each school.

  • Develop annual reporting process for Board of Education on PTO and Weston Education Foundation contributions.